All users in this list are given authorisation based on the role they are allocated. This feature is only available to the Technical Authorised Official role.

Adding a New Contact

A new contact can be created by following the steps below:

  • In the Home page, click on Users from the menu to the left

  • Click on Add User

  • Fill in all the required fields

  • Tick the Physical Access to BMIT Premises to give the contact access to the company's infrastructure within BMIT Technologies Datacentres. The latter will also grant the contact the feature to Schedule an Appointment

  • Click Add

Permission levels can be seen in the following sections.

Technical Contact

A technical contact is the lowest possible level of permission that can be assigned to a customer(s) representative which is able to do the following:


The Customer’s Technical Authorised Official must enable Physical access for the below abilities to be available for the user:

  • Schedule a visit (for her/himself or anyone within the company’s authorisation list)

  • Have access to the BMIT Technologies Customers Portal

Technical Manager

The Technical Manager is a step up in permissions from a Technical Contact which enables her/him access to the following additional functionalities:


Physical access must be enabled for this user, by the Customer’s Technical Authorised Official, to schedule a visit for third parties.

Technical Authorised Official

A Technical Authorised Official is the highest-level role which can carry out any of the previous roles and update the Authorisation list, i.e.:

  • Create new contacts

  • Change roles or edit contacts

  • Remove Contacts


A Customer can have more than one Technical Authorised Official.


The Lead Technical Contact role listed within the contract with BMIT Technologies Commercial team can only be assigned to one employee. The latter is considered as the technical primary contact for the respective Customer. The role provided within the BMIT Technologies Customers Portal is that of Technical Authorised Official. Customers may change the details of the Lead Technical Contact within the official form by contacting BMIT Technologies sales team ( or your account manager.

For further information regarding logging into the Customer Portal please click here