Service IDs

The Service IDs tab shows all Service IDs and unique identifiers associated with your account. If any of these circuits have a bandwidth graph associated with them, you can click View Graph at any time to be taken directly to the graph page.

The following Service ID types are shown:

  • AS Numbers: This will show your AS Numbers in BMIT's infrastructure. These are other private assigned ASN numbers or your public ASN Number.
  • BGP IDs: If you have one or more BGP connection with us, this is the unique identifier for the session.
  • External: This will show any 3rd party provided circuit IDs.
  • Interlink: This shows the relevant identifiers for any interlinks.
  • Internet Connectivity: This shows the identifiers for BMIT IP Bandwidth.
  • Internet Routed Circuit: This shows any routed circuit (such as VPN) IDs.
  • IP DDOS Protection: This is the unique ID provided for your DDOS service.
  • MultiCloud Connect: This is the unique ID provided for your MultiCloud Connect.
  • Uplink: These are the IDs for each physical uplink to your infrastructure.