With this feature Network Bandwidth graphs can be exported for a selected period and viewed.


Bandwidth graphs will start populating from the activation date of the first user for the company.

Exporting a Bandwidth Graph

To export a desired bandwidth graph follow the below steps:

  • Navigate to the Network Circuits feature as explained in the Network Circuits section of this help centre

  • After selecting the desired circuit click on Export

  • Select Day or Month

  • Select the desired Date or Month

  • Click on Export

Once the graph is finished exporting you will receive a notification which can be viewed from the Bell icon in the top right of the page

Viewing Exported Bandwidth Graphs

To view an exported bandwidth graph follow the below steps:

  • In the Home page, click on the Data Centre Services drop down menu to the left and click on Exports

  • A list of exported graphs will be displayed with the following information:

    • Export ID

    • Circuit ID

    • Type of graph (Day or Month)

    • Export Date - highlights the date that the graph is covering (If month was selected this will display the start date of the graph)

To view the graph click on the Download Icon for the desired exported graph. Open the downloaded file.