Equipment Removal

Removing Equipment from the Data Centre


The Equipment Removal functionality is only visible to Technical Managers and Technical Authorised Officials. Refer to the Users section of the help centre for further clarification.

To remove any equipment from BMIT Technologies Datacentres, follow the steps below:

  • In the Home page click on the Support drop down menu on the left and click on Equipment

  • Click on Download Equipment Removal template

  • Fill in the sheet with the following information:

    • Model and Manufacturer of the asset

    • Serial Number of the asset

    • BM Inventory Number of the asset

    • Should it be a component please select component in the template


If you are unaware of what equipment / component is to be removed, please check the list of available assets in the Assets section within the portal. Refer to the Assets section of the help centre should you require further clarification.

  • Click Upload File and select the filled in Removal Form

  • Input further details such as date of removal, date of pick up, collection method or if destruction is required in the Description field

  • Click on Submit