Announcing a Delivery

To announce a delivery, follow the steps below:

  • In the Home page, click on the Support drop down menu on the left and click on Deliveries

  • Populate all the below fields:

    • Site the delivery will be received in.

    • Description of the contents that will be received.

    • Date of Shipment and Estimated Time of Arrival

    • Delivered by - Which courrier

    • Quantity - including type of quantity (Boxes or Pallets).

    • Airway bill of the delivery

  • Click Submit

BMIT Technologies understand that certain details such as AWB are not always available in the initial stage of the announcement and would be appreciated if it is sent as an email reply once available.

Viewing a Delivery Announcement

BMIT Technologies will follow up on Delivery Announcements via email with the user that opened the initial ticket.

To view the details and status of a delivery navigate to the Deliveries page as mentioned above and then click on View

Editing a Delivery Announcement

Should you require to edit a Delivery Announcement request kindly reply to the Delivery Announcement email verification you received and one of our representatives will reply to your request.

We will be adding the ability to update deliveries directly from the portal in a future release.