To view the company's active assets currently hosted within BMIT Technologies Datacentres, follow the steps below:

  • In the Home page, click on the Data Centre Services drop down menu to the left and click on Assets

  • Select the desired Rack from the drop down


Equipment changes are not updated daily and might take up to 14 days to update.

A rack diagram will be visible showing all the Available / Occupied U positions. Clicking on a desired device will display all the information for that asset. Information shown below:

  • BM Number - Unique identifier given by BMIT Technologies.

  • Manufacturer of the asset

  • Model Name of the asset

  • Serial Number of the asset

  • U-Position within the rack

  • Status of the asset - if the device is in the rack, the status will be shown as active.

  • Customer Comments - Field can be filled in with additional information as required.


The retired assets which were picked up, shipped or destroyed will not be displayed.


It is not always possible to obtain certain information from a device, as either they are not listed on the device itself or hidden.