Scheduling an Appointment


The Schedule a Visit section and functionality depends on the role and options assigned to the contact.

To schedule a visit, follow the steps below:

  • In the Home page, click on the Support drop down menu on the left and click on Appointments

  • Populate all the below fields:

    • Date of the visit

    • Site of the visit

    • Other Information field if applicable

    • Add third party visitor information of all visiting third parties if applicable

    • Add authorized users from the authorization list if applicable (including yourself - if visiting)

  • Click Submit

BMIT Technologies, will receive a request for appointment which will need to be approved or denied.


BMIT Technologies holds the right to deny an appointment due to resources or work being carried out within the datacentre. You will receive an automated email as well as communication from our support team to see how we can accommodate your request.

  • Upon approval the person who scheduled the visit will receive a verification number by email which needs to be presented on arrival with an official identification document. Failure to present these on arrival will cause access to be denied.


The requestor of the visit is responsible to share the verification code with the listed visitors.

Viewing an Appointment

To view the details of a scheduled appointment navigate to the Appointments page as mentioned above and then click on View

Editing an Appointment

Should you require to edit an Appointment request kindly reply to the verification email and one of our representatives will reply to your request.