BMIT Managed DDoS Shield

BMIT Managed DDoS Shield is a solution designed to mitigate and stop DDoS attacks. It is made up of a multi-tiered protection and mitigation system provided and supported by top vendors in the industry as well as a highly experienced team of engineers at BMIT Technologies.

The DDoS mitigation systems are deployed within our private international network itself, to stop malicious traffic as far away from you, the customer, as much as possible. We refer to these technologies as Edge Devices. Additionally, we have partnered up with a leading global DDoS mitigation player to assist in case of large-scale attacks. In this scenario, we will additionally make use of a cloud-based infrastructure for further mitigation.

Our engineers and security support teams configure and deploy the protection mechanisms on your behalf on our platforms. Once the protection is set-up, we will actively monitor against attacks on 24x7 basis.

Useful guides can be found below: