Data Centre & Customer Portal FAQs

Can we have a copy of any ISO and PCI certificates?

Yes, ISO 27001 can be downloaded from here, Handaq Datacentre PCI certificate can be downloaded from here and Smart City Datacentre PCI Certificate can be downloaded from here.

How can we obtain a list of all our authorized users?

The Authorization list can be obtained through the customer portal by clicking on Users from the menu to the left. further information can be found here.

How can we modify the authorization, and can we have people blacklisted?

The Authorised Technical Official of an organisation can modify the authorization of each user that has been added through the Customer portal. We do not offer blacklisting services, however unauthorised users will not be given any information until approved by an email from an Authorised Technical Official of the organisation, as per our policy. Further information can be found here.

Can you please provide the procedure for the removal of equipment?

Removal of equipment from BMIT premises requires a technical manager or Authorized technical official to submit a removal request along with a filled equipment removal form. This can be done through our customer portal by clicking on Equipment. More information can be found here

Can BMIT provide hardware decommissioning or shipping?

Methods of equipment removal:

  • Disposal
  • Disposal with Certificate (Extra charges apply)
  • Pick-up
  • Pick-up by courier for shipping


A removal form is required for all types of removals.