Storage Quota

Depending on the plan the organisation has contracted, each user will get an amount of storage. This amount will be added in a storage pool for the organisation's subscription; therefore, the limits apply per organisation and not per user.

Every organisation will require an amount of storage for the backup. This amount can be calculated from the Microsoft 365 Admin centre. It may be the case that the included storage with your plan will be insufficient before even running the initial run. Therefore, we have made available M365 Backup storage top-ups to increase your storage capacity.

Two sizes are available: a bundle of 50GB for more accurate sizing and 200GB for lower price and greater volume.

Any upgrades or downgrades of user seats will affect the storage quota. As a result of downgrading, total capacity will decrease, and therefore additional storage may be required.


Black Fox Ltd has purchased 25 Standard plan user seats Therefore they will get 2500GB on their organisation's storage quota.

25 Standard users x 100GB/user = 2500GB

They have 5 new employees added to M365, and therefore, they purchase 5 additional Managed Backup for M365 seats (Standard) taking them up to 30 users. The organisation will now have an additional 500GB added to their quota bringing it to a total of 3000GB

30 Standard users x 100GB/user = 3000GB

One user has left the organisation. For the upcoming month one Managed Backup for M365 Standard seat is downgraded. The storage quota will be deducted by 100GB and will have a total of 2900GB.

29 Standard users x 100GB/user = 2900GB

After 2 years the storage is near full thus has reached quota. (BMIT will alert you). Black Fox Ltd has decided to add an additional 500GB to their storage quota having a total of 3400GB.

29 Standard users x 100GB/user = 2900GB
2x M365 Backup 200GB Storage Top-up = 400GB
2x M365 Backup 50GB Storage Top-up = 100GB
Total = 3400GB

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