Retention and backup policy

A retention policy is available per plan per organisation and is captured during the contractual stage prior to any configurations made on the customer account. Customer shall communicate to BMIT the retention coverage required, up to period specified in the applicable subscription plan. If the retention coverage is not communicated by the customer to BMIT, then BMIT will adopt a 1-year retention coverage. Changes to the retention policy will incur a fee, to set the new agreed configurations and transfer the data onto the new policy.

The retention coverage range accommodates various needs, such as regulatory requirements to store business data from 1 to 10-years.

Retention Coverage

Refers to the period between the item's "created" or "last modified" date (whichever is the latest) and when the item is removed from the backup repository. The Retention coverage uses the "created" and the "last modified" dates to establish if an item is within the retention coverage for it to be backed up, removed, or ignored.

In determining the storage required during the retention coverage period, customer shall consider the following:

The higher the retention coverage the more storage is required

  • User churn impacts both storage and retention: A recently terminated user's license is kept till end of the month but the data for that same user will still be stored as per the retention policy.

  • In addition to the storage required for the initial seeding data, customer shall assume a daily increment between 0.5% up to 1.5% of the initial data seed. This percentage depends on the productivity usage, meaning changes and creation of documents. The result will be the daily increment which then needs to be multiplied by the number of days that totals the retention coverage chosen.


Initial seeding data: 100GB
Daily increment: 0.5% - 1.5% (depends on usage - creation and modification of documents) Daily increment calculation: 0.5% x 100GB = 500MB
Yearly increment calculation: 500MB x 365* days = 182GB

Therefore, a 10-year retention coverage may require approximately 2TB of storage (182GB x 10).


This can be changed to 262 working days depending on your business operational days, resulting in less storage requirements.

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