Microsoft 365 Service Management

Once your Microsoft 365 service has been provisioned it can be accessed from the My Services option as shown on the Services Management Section


On this page you can do the following:

  • Upgrade / Downgrade Microsoft Package - By Clicking the Upgrade/Downgrade tab from the side menu


  • Upgrade / Downgrade Options - By Clicking the Upgrade/Downgrade Options tab from the side menu (This is used to increase or reduce Microsoft 365 Licenses)



When Upgrading/Downgrading Options, in the New Configuration field you must input the total licenses you require. (Current Configuration + Licenses you want to add = New Configuration Field)

  • The Users tab from the side menu gives you access to manage users and assigned licenses (This syncs with the Microsoft Portal)


By clicking on the Add User button you may add a new user to the Microsoft Portal and assign a license should you wish

By clicking on the icon next to the user (highlighted in red) you can add or remove a license for the user


  • Office 365 Managament Panel - By Clicking the Office 365 tab from the side menu you can access the Microsoft Portal to configure further

The username for the above mentioned Microsoft Portal can be found at the bottom section of the Microsoft 365 Service as shown in the first image of this manual. Should you require a password reset for this username you can press the Change Password tab from the left menu.

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