CP Migration FAQs

Self-Service Cloud Platform

Where do I need to login?

The link to the new self-service cloud platform: cp.bmit.com.mt

The previous cloud platform cp.bmitcloud.com will be unavailable post 30th July 2020. You will be able to login to the new self-service cloud platform once we have migrated your user account.

How do I login to the new cloud platform?

Browse to cp.bmit.com.mt and on the right-hand side, under Account you can click on Login. For the first time you will need to use the Forget Password feature to reset your password.

What services are available from BMIT Technologies cloud platform?

BMIT Technologies new cloud platform offers various services:

  1. Infrastructure as a service ā€“ Azure and Azure Stack
  2. Backup as a Service
  3. Domain and DNS Hosting
  4. Web Hosting
  5. SSL Certificates
  6. Email Hosting - Microsoft 365

How can I buy services from BMIT Technologies?

Navigate to the BMIT Cloud Control Panel and follow the steps shown in the Purchasing Services Section.


If you are a new customer on this cloud platform you will be asked to register, please follow the Register section.

Why do I need to create an account to purchase the service?

An account is required since the services offered are mostly subscriptions and not one-time purchases. Customers with a registered account can track and manage their subscriptions.

BMIT Technologies is a B2B service provider thus it requires that customers are registered and provide a valid VAT number.

Can I give other contacts access to the cloud platform account?

Yes, the account owner may create multiple contacts within the account and assign different levels of permissions according to the user needs. Refer to the Account Management section.

Does the cloud platform allow 2-factor-authentication (2FA)?

Yes, 2FA can be configured by user from the account security settings. This provides an extra layer of security to your account and services. Refer to the Account Management section.

Web Hosting

Will web hosting be available on the new cloud platform?

A Linux based Web Hosting Standard plan is available to purchase at the same price as the old Linux web hosting subscription.

I have a Windows Web Hosting subscription will this work on the new Web Hosting Standard plan?

This depends on the technology and applications you are using on your website. The Web Hosting Standard plan does not support windows technology such as ASP, .net, etc.

What alternatives do I have for windows web hosting?

If it is impossible for you to move to a Linux-based environment, then unfortunately we can no longer provide you with a web hosting service.

Does webhosting include an email?

No, the new Web Hosting Standard plan does not come with an email address / mailbox. We suggest that you look at our email hosting plans such as Exchange Online Plan 1.

Do I need to migrate my website and data to the new cloud platform?

Our team is not in a position to assist in migrating the website data from the old to the new platform, due to potential website compatibility issues. You would need to handle this directly yourself.

Does BMIT Technologies offer migration services of website and data?

We do not offer migration services at this point in time. BMIT Technologies understands that this is a challenging task and will be offering the first 6 months of the new web hosting plan for free.

This promotion will be available until 31st July and applicable only on the Web Hosting Standard plan of the new cloud platform.

Will there be a price difference?

The Web Hosting Standard plan is the exact same price as the current Linux Web Hosting plan. For prices please check our Store.

Till when will the service be available on the old cloud platform?

The service will be automatically terminated after 31st July 2020, access to the control panel cp.bmitcloud.com and to your data will be lost. Data will be unrecoverable.

Cloud Servers and MiniVPS

What cloud infrastructure services, will be terminated?

The Cloud Server (VPS) which is a complementary product to the old cloud platform as well as the miniVPS series (Containers) will be terminated.

What alternative services will be available?

We have recently launched our new Azure Stack, deployed in our data centres. This migration will provide you with better performance, lower prices in the long term and access to a wider range of features available on Azure Stack.

What are the options available for migrating to the new services?

BMIT Technologies are well prepared to help you migrate your Cloud server and data to the new services. We suggest that you contact us in order to establish the best migration option and way forward for your services.

Option 1: Immediate migration ā€“ performed by BMIT Technologies specialists, this will copy and transfer the data from the current platform to the new Azure stack services. There are multiple steps to be taken and requires 4+ HOURS DOWNTIME (Recommended only if VPS is non business critical)

Option 2: Gradual Migration ā€“ Assisted by BMIT Technologies specialists, we will make ready a clean new Azure Stack subscription which will allow you to migrate your services gradually decreasing or eliminating the risk of downtime. Support from our team of specialists will be provided until migrated. Cost of the new Azure stack subscription will be waived until migration is completed.


Migrations need to be performed by 31th July

Will there be a price difference?

Yes, Azure Stack is based on consumption, and it is priced 10% less than the Azure online platform. Therefore, the price will be dynamic depending on the usage.

Your cloud server may benefit from a decrease in price or see a slight increase but overall, both services are similarly priced. Unfortunately, some services such as the miniVPS subscriptions will incur a large increase but will be getting more features.

Till when will this service be available on the old cloud platform?

The Cloud Server (VPS) and miniVPS subscriptions will be available until 31st July 2020. After this date the servers will be stopped and inaccessible.

Hosted Exchange and Microsoft 365

What email hosting services are going to be terminated?

The Hosted Exchange also known as HEX will no longer be provided and supported by BMIT Technologies.

Till when will the Hosted Exchange service be available?

This service will be available until 31st July 2020. Beyond this date unless migrated to another email hosting solution, you will no longer be able to access Outlook Web Access (OWA) or connect to the hosted exchange servers. This means that you will no longer be able to retrieve, send or receive emails in your outlook client or web access.

What will happen if Iā€™m already subscribed to a Microsoft 365?

If you have an active Microsoft 365 plan, you will need to contact BMIT via email to support@bmit.com.mt. BMIT Technologies will migrate your account and plan onto the new self-service cloud platform. You will need to access and follow the Services Management section to manage your subscription and data.


You will need to submit your credit card on your next renewal.

I have a Hosted Exchange plan what is the alternative and recommendation?

This depends on your business requirements. Microsoft 365 offers various plans that may suit your business needs. If you are only interested in Email hosting and do not require any applications or other productivity tools, then you may opt for Exchange Online Plan 1.

BMIT recommends Microsoft 365 Business Standard as this includes Web & Desktop applications, with various productivity tools included such as Teams and SharePoint.

Visit our store to check out all the available plans by Microsoft.

What Outlook client does Microsoft 365 support?

Depending on the plan purchased, if it includes Exchange Online service than you can configure Microsoft Outlook client. Exchange Online only supports Outlook 2016 / 2019 version.

When purchasing Microsoft 365 Apps or any plan which has desktop apps included you will always have the latest updates and supported versions of you Outlook client.

What is the price difference?

Exchange Online Plan 1 is slightly higher when compared to the Hosted Exchange Flexi plan. With EOP1 you get 50GB storage included therefore you will benefit if you are paying for extra storage on your current Hosted Exchange plan.

What are the advantages of Microsoft 365?

With Microsoft 365 you will have the latest Office applications and upgrades included. With all applications available via web or mobile devices you can access your data from anywhere, anytime thanks to the 1TB OneDrive cloud storage which is included in the Microsoft 365 plans.

Click Here for more details and to see how we can help you find the right solution.

Credit, Refunds and Billing

I just renewed my services on the old platform; will I lose my money?

If you are going to opt to purchase an alternative service on our new cloud platform, then you will be credited on account. This means that you will need to purchase the new service from the BMIT Cloud Control Panel and then BMIT at pro rata will cancel and credit the old subscription to the new cloud platform account. Otherwise you can opt for a refund.

Will I be refunded if I terminate the service?

If you decide to terminate the subscription/s you will be refunded at pro rata.

Can you move my credit onto the new cloud platform?

Yes, any credit which is currently set on the old platform will be moved onto the new cloud platform account.

What will happen If I do not migrate my services by end of July 2020?

Subscriptions which requires manual migration, such as Cloud Servers and miniVPS, Hosted Exchange and Web Hosting will no longer be accessible on cp.bmitcloud.com. Unless you migrate to our suggested alternative (new services on our new cloud platform) the services will be stopped and deleted. Control panel accounts will no longer be accessible, subscriptions can be credited at pro rata.

Those subscriptions which will be automatically migrated such as Domain, DNS hosting, Microsoft 365, Backup as a Service and Azure services will just need to manage their subscriptions from the new cloud platform. You are required to enter your card details manually on your next renewal.


Card details are not stored on the cloud platform or within BMIT Technologies. Such details are handled and stored by the payment gateway provider.

Will I lose all my billing history?

Yes, all billing history will be deleted. We suggest that you take note or download the information from the old platform before 31st July 2020, (if necessary)

The new cloud platform will start recording the billing history from first invoice.

Can I create a billing contact?

Yes, you can create a new contact under your account and then proceed to change the default billing contact from your account details. Refer to the Account Management section

Do you send billing notifications?

Yes, notifications and reminders on invoices and payments are sent before due date.

What payment methods are available?

The cloud platform allows you to pay by Credit Card or bank transfer. You can select the default payment method from your account details. Cheques will no longer be accepted; we suggest using debit/credit card or via bank transfer.


Card details are not stored on the cloud platform or within BMIT Technologies. Such details are handled and stored by the payment gateway provider.

When will my service be provisioned?

All services are provisioned once payment is received. For bank transfers, please allow up-to 6 working days for payment to be received and processed. Some services are manually provisioned; therefore, it requires manual intervention.

Can I configure auto-renewal?

Yes, you can configure auto-renewal during checkout from payment gateway

Other Service

What Services will be terminated?

  • Hosted Exchange
  • BMIT Cloud Server (on cp.bmitcloud.com)
  • miniVPS 10 & miniVPS 20
  • Linux Web Hosting
  • Windows Web Hosting

What are the services offered on the new platform?

  • Domain Hosting, Registration and transfer
  • DNS Hosting
  • Web Hosting Standard
  • Azure Stack & Azure Online
  • Backup as a Service
  • Email Hosting (Microsoft 365 Products)
  • SSL Certificates

Can I register a .mt domain with BMIT Technologies?

No, for any domain that ends with .mt, requirements and regulations, BMIT Technologies cannot facilitate the procurement of any domain that ends with .mt. These domains need to be bought from NIC Malta website.

Once domain is procured you can host your domain and website by purchasing the DNS hosting plan and Web Hosting Standard plan accordingly.

Can I host my domain at BMIT Technologies while registered elsewhere?

Yes, you may register your domain with another provider whilst still be able to host it on our cloud platform.

How can I transfer my Domain?

You can transfer your domain by accessing your current registrar and obtain or unlock the Authorization code / EPP Code.


With some registrars you will need to open a support ticket with one of their agents to obtain the transfer code.

Once you have the Auth / EPP code you may proceed with the steps shown in the Purchasing Services section.


This may take up to 7 days for the domain to be transferred, during which your domain will remain active but will no longer be manageable until transfer is completed.